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Arturo Fuente Cigars in Nicaragua

Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr., owner of Arturo Fuente Cigars, revealed his plan in building a new Cigar factory in Nicaragua during the final day of the “Puro Sabor” 5th cigar festival in Esteli – Nicaragua that occurred from the 22th to the 27th of January, 2018, and appointed Felix Mesa (owner of El Galan Cigars) as head of the operations in this city.
At a farm called El Buen Vecino (The Good Neighbor) that was transformed for the event to elegant dining tables, “Carlito” said to a group of cigar smokers that “Being back in Esteli brings so many memories as a young boy”. Despite the company’s fame for its Dominican-made cigars, it owned a factory in Nicaragua before the political problems that occurred in 1979, run by Carlos Fuente the father.
This move came after the company has been growing some tobacco in Nicarague for the last few years (currently 4th Crop). Fuente Jr. mentioned that the Factory that they bought few years ago (Fincas Las Lima) will be re-named “La Bella y La Bestia’ (The Beauty and The Beast). With the his new plan, especially with his gratitude to the Government in Nicaragua that is encouraging people to invest, he will also operate in Esteli part of the family non-profit charitable foundation that they created in the Dom. Republic as they have been always caring in making the world a better place for people and kids, by creating health centers and shcools. He added: “I’ve always said, it’s not about the cigars, it’s about the people.”
Concerning the event, “Puro Sabor” which means “Pure Taste”, is one of the Cigar festivals around the world. As written on their website, “The Nicaraguan Cigar Festival “Puro Sabor” is a gathering of Cigar lovers and enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the best Cigars in the world, and experience Nicaragua’s rich heritage and culture.”

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