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Habanos 20th Festival

Logo-sin-20-330x700Are you counting down for the big Cuban event?

Cuban Cigar Aficionados all around the world are awaiting the yearly big event: the Habano Festival, and this year with its 20th version.

From the 26th of February till the 2nd of March, 2018, Habanos S.A will be displaying the flagship of its products and brands, starting with the leading role of Cohiba which will present its first Reserva: Cosecha 2014, and Partagas Linea Maduro with two new vitolas.

Like every year, the program will include the regular visits/tour to Vuelta Abajo tobacco plantations, Habanos famous factories, lectures and sessions, competitions…

In addition to the above, this year will host the Habanos World Challenge Contest with its first edition.

The proceeds of the closing and elegant Gala evening will be as usual dedicated to the Cuban Public Health system.

Below is a list of the cost of the various activities during the event, as mentioned over Habanos S.A. website:

Activity Price per USD 
Welcoming Evening 350.00
Visits to Tobacco Plantations 85.00
International Seminar 400.00
Visit to Habanos Factories 40.00
Intermediate Evening 500.00
Gala Evening 700.00
Total 2,075.00

It is worth noting that the Cuban cigar industry is used to release several new Cigars and/or vitola during this Festival. Did you book? Don’t forget to share some photos once you’re there!

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