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CEP Quotes - 02As we are enjoying the summer season, we are participating in more open area events and barbecues, where we enjoy freely a good buff in nature.

However, some people will wonder about a quick list of Cigar Etiquette. Frankly, you cannot have only one quick list as we can talk for days about Etiquette, keeping in mind that Cigar-puffing is something we enjoy as we like, so Etiquette should not be a real “must do”; they should be considered as something we do to respect people around us and our precious Cigars. So here we go, providing a quick list of some important tips. Check our Website to find more Etiquette, details, and How-to.

  1. As an advice for a good straight cut, place a double-bladed guillotine cutter flat on a table. Put the Cigar in a vertical position with its head to the cutters opening, and just have a firm cut. In that way, you will make sure that most of these types of cutters will cut just the necessary part of the head.
    flat cut
  2. How annoying it is when you have an uneven burn with your Cigar. An easy way to make it even without having to light the extra part is to place your Cigar with the slow burning side to the bottom. In that way, the slow side will get the necessary oxygen without being “suffocated” by the smoke.
  3. As we always say, Cigar smoking is that wonderful private time where you forget the world outside and sit at ease, enjoying your Cigar. Do not let this beautiful experience be ruined by a continuous worry about the humidity of your Humidor. Most of the websites will tell you that is should be around 68% to 72% which is true, but I really think that a 65-66% is also good and will not damage your Cigar. Remember that the goal behind your humidor is to maintain a stable temperature and humidity which you find suitable as per your own preferences.
  4. A quick and easy way to check how good your humidor’s seal is by using a $1 bill; when your humidor is closed, try to insert a $1 bill under the lid. If it is well closed, it shouldn’t let the bill penetrate your humidor.
  5. Do not inhale the Smoke of your Cigar once you puff it.
  6. Do not put a partially smoked Cigar back into your humidor; use a Cigar Savor or just toss the Cigar.
  7. Do not bite the Cap off the head of your Cigar and spit it out; it is just disgusting and lack of Cigar Etiquette. Always use a cutter or a decent substitute in case you do not have a cutter.
  8. Cigars are meant to be enjoyed for a full session. So if you have a lunch break, do not grab a Cigar that has a big Vitola which will be consumed over more than an hour. In parallel, if you know that you’re staying for 2 hours or more, you better grab a long Cigar, otherwise, your Cigar will be done by half an hour, and you will spend the remaining time of your event with no Cigar. So always be careful of your selection.

Long Ashes!

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  1. One of our twitter followers asked me to show how the Cigar will look like once we use the above method of cutting Cigars (mainly for newbies) using a double-bladed guillotine cutter.
    For that, I have added the photo of my morning Cigar after the 1st tip for display.
    Long Ashes!


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