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Meluha Cigars

img7_bIn a way to introduce all type of Cigars that are not very common at all Cigar shops in USA, today we are talking about the MELUHA Cigars – MELUHA: land of the Pure.

“Cigar smoking, I believe, is a celebration and that’s what is exactly reflected in this Cigar & brand, from the very first draw & every single thereon until the last golden puff. Truly, a Cigar Smoking experience is like meditation…” – Yogesh Deshpande.

Deshpande created a ritual in the making and puffing of his Cigars: the Meluha Cigars. Costa Rican fields, Tobacco Cubano seeds, his hand made cigars share a 66 ring gauge “for greater pleasure, longer burning time, and an escape that is intensely enjoyable.”


From the first moment till the finishing of Meluha Cigars which is 7 to 9 years, you can notice that the steps are done and performed in a sacred ritual.  They are characterized with a rich flavor, earthy aroma balanced with a spicy aftertaste.

Meluha Cigars come in 3 series: (prices as shown at Dubai Duty Free)

–          Meluha Magnum 6” x 66 …………………….. $552.78 per box of 21
–          Meluha Mustang 5” x 66 …………………….. $461.11 per box of 21
–          Meluha Mystic 5” x 66 …………………….. $441.67 per box of 25

“Strong & Earthy with a hint of Spice, the signature MELUHA series of Cigars are an indulgence in sheer luxury. Lighting one will be the start of an exhilarating adventure & the beginning of total surrender to the senses.”

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