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Protect yourself from Cigar Fraud!


Cuban Cigars are considered on the top list of Cigars around the world. They can be founded in almost all Cigar shops as well as in the black market… However, how can you be sure that the Cuban Cigar Box that you are buying is authentic?

Habanos S.A. is the only trade markers of every Cuban-made Cigar in Cuba. They work so hard in controlling distribution and protect it against counterfeiting.

For that, they have created a section on their website as “Authenticity Check”; you simply log on, enter the the bar code number written on your Cuban box and the system will provide you with the proof you need to confirm your box.


In parallel, Habanos S.A release a statement every year to inform Cigar Aficionados of the “Special Edition” that will be released this year. I personally bought a fraud “Special Edition” Cigar at the beginning of my Cigar Journey, as I did not know about all these checking methods and information.

To check the special edition, please visit Habanos S.A section “Habano Catalogue” through: http://www.habanos.com/en/vitolario/

We hope the above quick hints will help protecting you from Cigar Fraud; better be sure than loosing your money on nothing.

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