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Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day - CEPWhether you live in the Middle East or Abroad, Father’s day is in June. Whether you consider it as the 21st of June or the 3rd Sunday, you need to start thinking about a nice gift to your old man, wishing him good health and happiness.

If we move away from classic simple gifts like Mug, Tie, Card…, we need to think of what our dad would love to have, especially when he is a Cigar Smoker.

Cigar lovers can never stop wishing for new Cigar accessories like a cutter, ashtray, lighter, a tool set, or even a set of Cigar collection. Remember that men in general are big boys who always appreciate their big toys.

For that, if you check the main Cigar websites, you will be amazed with the quantity, quality and diversity of ideas that Cigar retailers are preparing for this beautiful day. To make it easy, we will talk bout 2 main ideas that we found interesting, and will list other websites that might be useful for you.

Enjoy the below, and Happy Father’s Day in advance!

GS-XGS-SPORTGP2-400* XIKAR SPORT GIFT PACK #2 from Famous Smoke Website:
was for:  USD.119.96,
now for: USD.55.99 (almost 53% off)

The Xikar All Season Sports gift pack comes with the best Xikar has to offer for accessories. The heavy duty travel cigar case holds up to 5 cigars and has its own on board humidifier. The inner casing is padded with soft foam, the outer casing is an all terrain composite shell. It can handle all types of weather and its crush-proof. A portable ashtray can (Gotta be eco-friendly). An Xi2 Noir cigar cutter, and the best, all terrain single torch flame lighter with a rubber matted casing.

1 Xikar Portable Ashtray Can
1 Xikar Xi2 Noir Cigar Cutter
1 Xikar Stratosphere Black Torch Lighter
1 Xikar 5 Count Cigar Travel Case

CI weekender kit 02CI’s Weekender Kit from Cigar International Website:
was for:  USD.208.4,
now for: USD.59.99 (almost 71% off)

We know how the story goes. You show up to the party, kick back with a cold one, and get ready to fire up a cigar. No more than 5 seconds later, ‘friends’ begin to congregate. It’s a problem that’s all-too-familiar, so I took it upon myself to develop the perfect counteroffensive. CI’s Weekender Kit delivers everything you’ll need to satisfy yourself and those thrifty party-goers, while saving over 70% all at the same time. At hand are 10 mild & mellow cigars from 5 of the biggest names in the biz, paired with a Screwpop Cigar Cutter, Rockwell lighter, and a trusty 10-count Herf-a-Dor. All together boasting an MSRP of over $203, you’ll leave the party walking down easy street, only spending a fraction of regular retail. It’s the perfect complement to burgers and dogs…and it’s priced absurdly low for a very limited time.

CI’s Weekender Kit includes:
1 – Herf-a-Dor X10 – 10-ct Travel Humidor
1 – Rockwell Sonic Torch Lighter
1 – Stackhouse Guillotine Cutter
2 – Macanudo Hyde Park (5.5” x 49)
2 – Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (6” x 52)
2 – Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (5” x 49)
2 – CAO Gold Robusto (5” x 50)
2 – Man O’ War Virtue Toro (6” x 50)

Other main website:

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