An expensive Cheap Humidor

In the Cigar world, the knowledge that you might receive from other Smokers or “Cigar Aficionados” is priceless, and will rarely see an end as each time you meet with “Brothers and Sisters of the leaf” you will know something new, whether it is a personal experience or a new technique…

Cigar Forums are numerous online; we are copying a personal story mentioned on “” by someone nicknamed “Waboom” who had a personal experience in buying an “expensive cheap” humidor which was worth nothing. The good thing is that “Waboom” thought of a new solution and took action on the spot; let’s read it together.

“I was trying to salvage a couple sections of cedar off of a cheap desktop humidor worth USD.79.99, and none of it was cedar. Every panel was press-board with an extremely thin veneer of cedar. (see pic) Also when the guys on Puff say that the bottoms are thin… they mean THIN.” Check the below Slide-show:

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“I threw everything in the trash and used 1/4” Spanish cedar boards that I bought from a guy on ebay to make another ammo-dor… Now I have another ammo-dor!”

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