Cigar Lounge

Where to smoke in Manhattan?

Nat_Sherman_LogoAs we said in our previous message few days ago, Cigar lovers will always make sure to spot a nice Cigar shop and lounge before they go for their trip. For that, we thought it is important to inform you about “Nat Sherman – New York, USA (12 East 42nd Street, NY City, NY 10017)”.

“Nat Sherman is the brand name for a line of handmade cigars and “luxury cigarettes.” The company, which began as a retail tobacconist, continues to operate a flagship retail shop now located on 42nd Street, off Fifth Avenue, in New York City.”(Wikipedia)

20160708 (50)Frankly, this was a typical and exclusive experience that we had. Easily ranked 5/5! The minute we entered, We were warmly welcomed by the Staff who had no problem in showing us around, explaining about their different Cigars, especially that we explained that we come from the Middle East where almost all our Cigars are Cuban.

They asked about the type of Cigar we prefer, and they were able to advise something similar from their Big Collection.

The best thing I experienced on a personal level is that they registered the Cigars I bought under my name and my phone number, so that next time I’m visiting, they will easily identify my selection.

I will not add anything more so that you enjoy the self explanatory below Slideshow:

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