Weekly Tips

Lighters and Etiquette

Lighters are considered as a must tool for Cigar smokers.

In some Cigar clubs and Lounges around the world, it is kind of Etiquette to have your lighter with you when puffing your Cigar, and restrain from borrowing another smoker’s lighter. Websites might categorize their own top 5 or top 10 Cigar Lighters, but the categories are only based on Human selection which varies from a place to another and with each person.

Lighters can vary in quality, shape and functionality depending on what an individual is seeking. Some are even equipped with specific tool like Cigar cutter, puncher, beer bottle opener, compass…etc. Based on your preferences, you might buy a lighter that has a single jet flame (Torch style), 2 or more, or you might chose a normal Soft flame especially in case you will not use it in an open area or a Golf field which requires a wind proof lighter, and specifically a jet flame.

When we talk about wind proof lighter, you will think of the famous old Zippo. Regretfully, Zippo is using the jet fuel which is most of the times odorous and contains oil, thus might affect the aroma of your Cigar (except the rare cases of a Zippo blue which uses Butane Gas and has a single Flame).

So in brief, make sure to use normal wooden matches or Butane Gas and avoid the use of odorous jet fuel or candles to light your Cigar.

It is worthy to note that some lounges might offer you Cedar wood pieces (called Cedar Spills) that you find inside a new Cigar Box as a method to light your Cigar, which is also a good odorless source of light.

Please visit our Website in its “Store” section as we will be displaying few items for sale in the near future.

PS. You can check our Website “How To” section which will include a video recording on main problems that might affect your lighter and how to solve it.

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