Cigar Lounge

Cigar Lounges’ Etiquettes

A Cigar Lounge is a special place for same minded people, where we can relax, network, and enjoy an excellent puff. It is also a good place to learn from other Cigar lovers, especially that we see them practicing in front of us.

Cigar Lounges also have their own policies that we call “Etiquette”.

As a rule of thumb, when you join a Cigar lounge, you are not supposed to act as if you were a regular customer, and start acting like if it was your sitting room at home. You need to respect the traditions that this lounges’ members are enjoying for a long time before your arrival.

We are listing below some interesting points that are worth monitoring in a Cigar Lounge:

  • It is important to be a regular in 1 or 2 lounges.
  • Until you are accepted and treated as a regular customer, do not try to act as a regular, when you are a new visitor.
  • Befriend the store manager or the person in charge of this lounge, along with the bar tenders. At the end, these people are expected to be the best knowledgeable people in this domain, thus will help you choose the best.
  • Do not use your own Cigar before you make sure that they BYO is acceptable (Bring Your Own); as some lounges have different policies.
  • Welcome new comers; at the end you are considered “Brother-of-the-leaf”.
  • Never be a show off!
  • Some lounges are considered “Library Lounges” (explained below), thus do not interrupt two people talking or someone who is looking for tranquility with her/his cigar.
  • Do not try to teach others your own way, unless you are asked for.
  • Try to bring your own cutter and lighter.
  • Clean your mess.
  • Lounges are not considered your own space, so do not use it as your office.
  • Most important, in the case where you become a regular, do not try to assist a client buying some Cigars and giving your opinion, unless you are requested for that.

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