Cigar Wrappers can be found in many colors, from the pale colors to the dark ones.

We have 7 different colors same as the rainbow has 7 colors. And as a hint, Cigar Aficionado mentioned that: “just as the State of Colorado is in the middle of the United States, the color “Colorado” comes in the center of the Color range.”

Cigar colors

Let us list below the different colors from Dark to Light:

1. Oscuro: Black color, Often called “Double Maduro”. It is used from the top leaves of the plant where they are kept as long as possible.

2. Maduro: Deep Brown color to almost black, its rappers has a mild aroma.
Its leaves are fermented for longer period or toasted in a pressure chamber.

3. Colorado Maduro: Between Maduro and Colorado.

4. Colorado: Grown in Shade with a medium brown color. Its wrappers are full flavored and a light aroma.

5. Colorado Claro: Grown under direct sunlight with a light brown color.

6. Claro: Growing in shade – under tents with a light fresh brown color, its leaves are picked just before fully maturity and are exposed to air drying. Wrapper has slight flavor which will give way for the filler to show its taste.

7. Double Claro: Light green color; harvested before it fully matures and exposed to heat. It has a mild flavor and is also called “Candella”.