Weekly Tips

Buying and Smoking your 1st Cigar

When it comes to buying your first Cigar, you should not be shy of saying “I am a newbie”. In fact, a Cigar Shop Owner/worker would love to talk with you and help you throughout the selection of a Cigar that will make you enjoy your evening.

Below you can find quick points on what to do or what to ask before you buy your Cigar:

– If you are still a new Cigar smoker, please avoid full bodied Cigar; try something that is mild or mild to medium.
– Do not buy your first Cigars from any shop that you can find, which might be selling fake Cigars. It might ruin your first impression and thus you will make a false judgement. Above all: avoid buying your Cigar from a Petrol Station as you cannot judge on the humidification and quality.
– Smoke your first Cigar in a cool relaxing place. Smoking with a cool group of friends might be an extra.
– Decide on the shape and the wrapper (Connecticut, maduro…): the wrapper is the leaf that wrap the binder and the filler; It is the one that you can see.
– Be specific with the size to buy based on your preferences, and the time you have to puff a Cigar. You don’t want to buy Churchill size Cigar when you only have half an hour.
– Do not be shy to ask for some help on how to light and cut your Cigar; you don’t want a poor cut that might ruin your Cigar’s wrapper and unfold it.
– If you need to pick up a Cigar, hold it by the label & do not squeeze too much.
– Do not hold it by the head where it shall be in the mouth of others (by Etiquette).
– Do not squeeze it to your nose.
– Keep in mind that a cigar that is more expensive does not mean a better cigar.
– You can always use the ratings on some top Cigar pages.
– Always ask for help from the Cigar Shop Owner/Seller.
– Do not smoke it too much, keep a one minute space between each puff.

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