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Hand Rolled Cuban Cigars at Wahm Lounge

The secret of a good Cigar is in the way it is rolled in addition to the leaf that it contains. People hand roll Cigars since ever, whether to attract buyers or for the art of a good hand rolled stick. But a good one is directly spotted by Cigar Aficionados.

Cigar rolling event is always considered as an exciting gathering, where good trained and skilled Cigar rollers will entertain guests with all the aspects of Cigar Making Process.

CarmenFor that reason, Wahm lounge at W Doha Hotel & Resorts ( organized a hand rolled Cuban Cigars’ event where Cigar Aficionados were meeting for an enjoyable night. The event started at 17:00 with the weekly Happy Hour. Around 19:00, Lady Carmen arrived to start the entertainment with a careful rolling using selected top Cigar Tobacco that she brought with her from Cuba.

Lady Carmen and the Wahm management, represented by the General Manager Mr. Paul Mc Nally, were more than happy to answer all the questions of the attendees. At the end of the event, Wahm staff distributed the hand rolled Cigars on everyone with no applicable cost.

As we say, it’s not only about the Cigar and the Puff, it’s about the Culture.

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