In the Cigar Culture, Etiquette is important in the way you’ll respect others around you, and the luxurious items that you are about to puff.

However, some people will tell you to neglect all the articles about Etiquette as Cigar smoking is at every time a personal unique experience, so you do it as you like. True! But Etiquette will also protect your Cigar from being damaged; here’s an example.

In the course of a good puff, Cigar will have a long ash depending on the way it was rolled and the quality of the leaves. When it comes to removing the ashes, “Please” do not “Tap” the ash to drop down as you do with a Cigarette.

Tapping the foot of your Cigar to remove the ash will cause the wrapper to tear off, which will make the smoke escaping through the binder. So you don’t want to unravel the wrapper, right?

Simply hold your Cigar with your fingers, and let the Ash touch the Ashtray while turning it around in a way avoiding any un-burned part of your Cigar to be in contact with your Ashtray.