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“Churchill Size” Story

ChurchillFor every newbie in the world of Cigar, a “Churchill” sized stick is a “long” smoke; but how did the story started?

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was famous for smoking around 10 Cigars a day. He did not finish all of his puff, but for sure that his favorite was the Double Corona size (7 1/2 to 8 1/2, with a 49 to 52 ring gauge).

They say that during his visit to New York in December 1931, Sir Winston had an accident on the 5th Avenue.

At that moment, the accident was witnessed by the owner of Nat Sherman shop (12 East 42nd Street, NY City, NY 10017) who raised a sign written on it:
“Get Well Soon Churchill”.

For the coincidence, the upper part was not clear to the customers: all what they saw was the word “Churchill” on the same level of a shelf where the shop was selling some Double Corona Cigars; And the story begins…

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