Cigar 101

Cigar Fillers

Many Cigars that you can find in the market are produced by machines. As such, they definitely lack the quality, flavor and aroma that good hand made Cigars can have called: Hecho a Mano – (Made by Hand).

maxresdefaultExperienced Cigar rollers can roll up to a few hundred cigars per day. These rolled Cigars are incredibly taken care of with great attention, and are subject to many quality tests and measurements. These are also differentiated by the tobacco leaves that form the fillers and which are grouped in 3 major categories:

1. Short Fill: These are mainly made of the leaf leftover that might be used in other type of Cigars. The whole group is assorted in a binder piece of leaf, and then closed in the “wrapper” leaf. Mainly it is the cheapest hand rolled Cigar.

2. Medium Fill: Similar as the above, however the leaf is less chopped. Cigar smokers avoid this type as well.

3. Long fill: Those are the whole leaves that will be rolled into each other to be used as the filler. These are important parts of the Cigars and contribute into the overall flavor.

extracted from our website, from the “Cigar 101 section”: the “Prerequisites” subsection:

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