“Whiff out”the bad residue

One of the best thing I find with my group of Cigar smokers that I call “Cigar Buddies”, is when we meet regularly to puff our Cigars and talk about anything. It is one of these special nights when “Brothers of the Leaf” will share this special personal moment with their buddies: enjoying the company and the chats, adding a little bit of others’ experience to their own, and above all: “communicating” with their own puff!

However, the Cigars leftovers and the residues in the ashtray can leave a very bad smell around the room, even for Cigar Smokers.


For that, “Whiff Industries” created the “Whiff out” solution which can be reviewed through their website. You can spray few drops in the Ashtray at the beginning of the Smoking Session, or better at the end of it in order to save the Cigar Smell for Cigar Aficionados, and the solution will absorb, neutralize and eliminate the bad smell.

For more details, you can check the company’s website at:

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