Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Parts of a Cigar

A Cigar is a 100% natural product. It has many parts both in its length and in depth. Vertically it consists of a head, body and foot.

The Cap is a little piece of tobacco from the wrapper (that is why it has the same color) and applied to the top of a cigar (The head) with natural glue so that no external flavor will affect the Cigar taste. Its purpose is to give the cigar a finished look and to help keep the wrapper from unraveling.

The Body is the main part of a cigar.

The Foot (some will call it Tuck) is the other end of the cigar that you light. The body of a cigar consists of three main layers: the wrapper, binder and filler.

The wrapper is the outside leaf – the identity of the Cigar that is first visible to a smoker, as its color and texture are the physical description of the cigar’s character. It provides 30% to 60% of the cigar’s flavor. They are usually very high quality leaves, available in colors ranging from Double Claro (the lightest), to Oscuro (the darkest). Wrappers leaves come from the bottom of the tobacco plant – volado

The binder holds the filler leaves. It is used to provide a smooth service for adhering the wrapper, and also for its combustibility, to ensure that the cigar burns well. The binder leaves are harvested from the middle of the tobacco plant, seco.

The filler tobaccos are the heart of a cigar, held together by the binder. They consist of different tobaccos – often from different countries – designed to complement the flavor of the wrapper. Generally, filler is responsible for determining how strong a cigar smokes. There are two types of filler: long filler (which contains the whole leaf running from the head to the foot of the cigar) and short filler (comprised of scraps of tobacco – often the trimmed ends of long fillers). The leaves that are used for the filler usually come from the top of the plant, called Ligero.

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