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Dunhill cigars is coming to an end!

British American Tobacco (BAT) has announced that it will remove Dunhill cigars from its portfolio, the brand that goes back in history to 1907.
“Like many companies, we continually review and refine our global strategy to ensure the sustainability of our business,” a BAT spokesperson told Cigar Aficionado. “As part of this process, we have decided to cease the supply of Dunhill cigars and pipe tobacco as of mid-2018. These products make up a very small part of our overall business—the rest of the Dunhill portfolio is not affected by this decision.”

Dunnhill Cigars are made at General’s factories in Honduras, Nicaragua and the Domenican Republic, and are distibuted by General Cigar in the USA.
“British American Tobacco has informed us of their intention to exit the handmade cigar and pipe tobacco business for the Dunhill brands,” General Cigar president Régis Broersma said. “As this process will take approximately 12 to 18 months to complete, it will be business as usual; therefore, there will be no change to the way in which we manufacture, market and sell the Dunhill items in our portfolio in the near future.” However, Broersma declined to answer about the intention of General Cigar to buy the Bundhill brand from BAT.

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