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House Bill 1919 restores Cigar lounge to WA

House Bill 1919 restores cigar lounges back to Washington, on a condition to blood test its employees to prove they are smoker as well, in addition of signing a certain forming confirming their full understanding of the danger of smoking. The reason behind the blood test is to protect non smoker from breathing what can harm them as “second hand” smokers.

“I think we’ve addressed every legitimate concern that’s been brought forward,” Representative Brandon Vick said about the bill.

Cigar lovers will always consider Lounges as a place for “Brothers-of-the-leaf” to share not only a puff, but also a good social gathering with a nice chat.

The bill is currently being reconsidered by the “the Business & Financial Services” Committee. Representative Steve Kirby who chairs this committee plans to remove the clause that states to hire only active smokers even before being voted on by the committee.

However, a big anti-smoking shouts came not only from “The American Cancer Society” but from Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D) who said that the tobacco death rate is really increasing and she’s really ready to fight against bill 1919.


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