Cigar 101

Seasoning a Humidor before using it

In order to make your humidor ready to store and maintain your precious Cigars, it needs to pass through the process of Seasoning, which is preparing the humidor’s wood. For that reason, you need the following tools:

– A clean and new kitchen rag,
– Distilled Water,
– New and Clean Sponge (Kitchen type). Be careful to have a non odored one,
– Small Nylon/plastic bag similar to the zipper bag you use to check the hygrometer,
– A Humidifier.

Once you have all the items with you, you start by adding some distilled water to the humidifier and put it to rest until we’re done with the below steps.

After you make sure that your humidor is totally empty, you take a clean dry kitchen rag and you make sure to wipe the humidor from the inside totally without applying any type of water. Once you wipe it all including the wooden separator (explained in our website in details) that comes with most of the humidors, you swamp the sponge with distilled water and wipe again the humidor and the wooden separators. Make sure that you are applying it to every corner of the humidor’s wood: you need to wipe it and not to over apply water.

Now that you’re done, you put some water again on the sponge and place it over the plastic bag inside the humidor, so that no excess water can run inside your humidor and ruin the wood. Then you bring back the humidifier which was at rest, put it in its correct place inside the humidor, and leave them to rest for 24 hours.

After that time, you need to make sure that the sponge is not totally dried. If this is the case, you swamp it again with water, check the humidifier if it needs water as well and repeat the same process for another 24 hours.

Once all is done, you’re ready to start using it.

Remember: Anytime we talk about water we mean: Distilled Water.

(Expect to see a video of how to season your humidor starting Monday, February 13, 2017 also through our website:

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