Cigar 101

Cigar History & Growing Regions

The history of cigars starts with Native Americans long time before Christopher Columbus discovered tobacco in 1492. They were smoking tobacco either through a pipe or rolled up in a large leaf.

Christopher Columbus is responsible of introducing the Cigar to Europe through his companions. Three of his crewmen during his 1492 journey, Rodrigo de Jerez, Hector Fuentes and Luis de Torres, are said to have encountered tobacco for the first time on the island of Hispaniola. They showed an interest in Cigar and spread the word and activity in their areas.

Tobacco main growing regions:
Fine tobacco is grown all over the world. The finest is considered to be from Cuba’s “Vuelta Abajo” area in the “Pinar del Rio” region of the country’s western side. Other prominent tobacco growing regions are:
– Dominican Republic’s city of Santiago in the northern half of the country.
– Ecuador, which produces both filler and wrapper tobacco.
– The Central American Countries of Honduras and Nicaragua.
– Mexico’s San Andreas Valley which is the famous sun-grown variant of Sumatra-seed tobacco which serves as a wrapper for many cigars.
– Connecticut, USA, which has the finest wrapper leaf in the world.
– Cameroon…

Note that differences in regions will result in differences in color and flavor.

Through our website and specifically “Cigar 101” section, you can find a place to collect the relative information and present them in a short version and straight to the point. We are dividing this subject to the below:

Part I. Prerequisites, which has 3 sections:
A. History.
B. Parts of a Cigar: wrappers, binders, fillers…etc.
C. Shapes & sizes.
D. Colors.

Part II. this is the “technical” section, which has 3 sub sections as well:
A. Humidors:
I.   Categories,
II.  Humidor Accessories
III. Seasoning a Humidor when you buy it (getting it ready for operation)
IV. Checking the Hygrometer’s Calibration.
B. Accessories:
I.   Lighters,
II.  Ashtrays,
III. Cutters.
C. How to:
I.    Chose a Cigar,
II.   Cut a Cigar,
III.  Light and Puff a Cigar,
IV.   Heal a damaged Cigar.

You will find as well in the majority of Part II an Audio/Video recording to better deliver the idea with a live performance. This recording will be provided in English and Lebanese Arabic.

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