Cigar 101

Cigar Shop “Awesome” Signs

As we discussed earlier, it is preferable that each Cigar smoker to have one or two places as their favorite. Think that you should be a regular at your local favorite place that we call B&M (Brick & Mortar, or Buying & Merchandising Store, which is the local shop where you buy your Cigars and Accessories). But what are the traits or Characteristics of a good shop/lounge that we will feel comfortable calling it “Our Regular”?

  • When you enter the shop, you should feel and smell the aroma of a good cigar. The smell cannot be a disturbing one as it will give a sign of a bad store.
  • Upon arrival, the staff and owner are calling you by name, which will let you know that you are a regular, and that they really care for you in person. This is not about knowing the name of the customer, this is about understanding their needs. When the shop owner/staff will call you by name, it means they are ready to take care of your special brand, keeping them hidden if they are rare, providing you with a free sample from time to time, involving you in a certain promotion for a deduction…etc.
  • The owner is not someone who considers his business as “a business”. He/She will always be sitting with her/his customers, talking to them, caring for their stories, ready at any point for any advice or information… It is a Culture that every one is ready to live and share.
  • Whenever you need an advice or recommendation, you know that this place has some “Aficionados” who are not only selling but ready at any point to provide professional touch. Believe me, the “Know How” is very important with Cigar owner and seller; you can’t imagine the feeling you might have when the seller has no clue of what you’re saying.

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