It was interesting reading this story this morning, though it is a little bit old (2013); however, it is worth spreading it again to see the limits where a Cigar Lover can go.

In 2013, Rick Harrison from the famous series Pawn Stars was totally surprised when he saw someone trying to sell an authentic John F. Kennedy’s humidor, that actually includes some of the President’s own Cigar that he bought from Cuba just before the embargo.

The seller asked for $95,000, however it was finally purchased by the Pawn Stars‘ owners by $60,000.

Rick did not hesitate a minute to pay that amount as he said: “This is one of those once in a lifetime items. If I let this thing walk out the door, I’m never going to see another one like it.”

Just to note that a similar item was purchased at an auction in the 1990s by the Publisher of Cigar Aficionado, guess the amount? $500,000.