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Jonathan Drew back to Drew Estate as its new President.

Jonathan Drew, co-founder of “Drew Estate Inc.” is returning to the company as its new president, after 2 years from its sale to the “Swisher International”. Drew founded “Drew Estate” with partner Marvin Samel in 1996 as it was initially a small shop in the World Trade Center, and later in 1998 moved to Esteli, Nicaragua.

Now back to his company, he will be in charge of the company’s entire line of brands (to name the famous cigar brands such as Herrera Esteli, Norteño and Liga Privada…).

“Jonathan Drew is a dynamic entrepreneur, respected tobacco man and a tenacious brand evangelist. He is the original disruptor, and I am excited to help build a team around JD that is raw, provocative and unafraid to challenge the mainstream and take risks,” said Drew Estate’s Glenn Wolfson, who was named the company’s CEO last July.

The group aims to benefit from Drew’s enthusiasm in a way to return Drew Estate to its previous glory: “There’s a lot to learn from areas outside of our main canvas at Drew Estate,” said Drew in a press release. “We will return to high-level curation, mixed media platforms and true collaboration. We have lost our way a bit, but Drew Estate will bubble back 1,000 times stronger. Believe me.”

Additionally, Drew will continue in his recent investment into the premium spirits industry mainly dealing in bourbon, rye and rum.

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